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Traditional & Home Cooked Turkish Cuisine


Included within the price of your private tour will be lunch and desserts.


This is freshly prepared in the morning by Cancer (Captains Alis mother) who hand picks all the organic vegetables from her own garden and creates a large selection of wonderful Turkish mezzes.  


Most of the mezzes do not contain any meat so vegetarians definitely will not miss out.  Fresh fish can be provided for vegetarians if required.


99% of the ingredients come from the family's large agricultural land which is in Çandır, this is a small village on the 'other side' of the river to Dalyan, also where the infamous Kaunos Ruins and Kings Tombs are located.

Mezzes & BBQ
Lunch can be served at any time you wish, the boat is yours for the day, please just tell captain Ali when you start to feel hungry and lunch will be served.
The BBQ'ed meat is normally marinated chicken and hand-made Kofte (small lamb burgers) however if you would like grilled fish please let us know.
No meat is pre-frozen, all is bought daily for preparation.
In addition to the mezzes and BBQ there will be either rice or pasta to accommodate any children.  Please just let us know if there are any other special dietary requirements.


In the afternoon desserts will be served, this is the seasons current fruits acompanied by Cancers home-made rice pudding with cinamon top or Baklava, this is a typical traditional Turkish dessert made from pastry, honey and pistacio.


You will never go hungry on this tour and gaurantee our top quality food and service.

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